#1 - Papardelle
#2 - Steak
#3 - Salsa

Konyhakör Promos

These videos are parts of a series what we made for Konyhakör, which is a monthly event, focused on gastronomy, friendship and excitement. It’s basically a combination of first class food served at an unexpected location. Each time another chef cooks it’s own special menu for different audience at a special, not restaurant-like space, like a theatre, abandoned house, a garden and so on.

These shorts supposed to tease people about food and lifestyle, music and fun what Konyhakör is representing.


Bori Szelei


Peter Raday


Daniel Racz

Thanks to

Rozina Wossala, Tamas Danos, Daniel Kiss O'Shea, Balazs Bercsenyi, Szonja Lefkovits, Anna Pakosz, Pepe, Dominika Hereb;